Middle East Centre and Sudanese Programme, St Anthony's College, Oxford

SSSUK promotes learning and provides resources for anyone with an interest in South Sudan and/or Sudan. Members enjoy access to our flagship journal, Sudan Studies for South Sudan and Sudan, published twice a year. Join us!
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The Middle East Centre of St Antony’s College is the centre for the interdisciplinary study of the modern Middle East in the University of Oxford.  Centre Fellows teach and conduct research in the humanities and social sciences with direct reference to the Arab world, Iran, Israel and Turkey, with particular emphasis on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Researchers may visit the Centre's library and (by appointment) archive.The Sudanese Programme, sponsored by the Middle East Centre and the African Studies Centre, is a neutral forum to promote dialogue and understanding between all Sudanese through conferences and lectures dealing with present day issues and problems. It also covers cultural, social and other political issues facing the Sudanese.