Our privacy policy

SSSUK promotes learning and provides resources for anyone with an interest in South Sudan and/or Sudan. Most of this is open to all, but some is specially for members. Join us!

This privacy policy lays out what information is collected, stored and used about visitors to this website.


If you are NOT a member of SSSUK and do NOT use any of the PayPal buttons on this webite:

  • we do not collect any personal information from you, and the remainder of this privacy policy does not apply to you.


If you use a PayPal button on this website to make a payment to SSSUK for any reason:

  • some of your personal information including credit card and/or bank account details will be collected, stored and used by PayPal. See PayPal's privacy policy.
  • SSSUK through PayPal will receive information about each payment to us, including your name, email address and a postal address. This information is not stored on the SSSUK website or visible through it. PayPal does not reveal further information to us such as your credit card and/or bank account details.


If you are a member of SSSUK:

  • the Society has probably already collected from you your name and email address. These details have probably been passed to the administration of this website and been stored in the website server. A website user account has probably been set up in your name, associated with your email address, and assigning you a password for personal access and privileges on the website. The account involves a webpage with your name on it. This page may be viewable by other SSSUK members when they are logged-in on the site. Your email address is not made visible unless you add it when you are logged in to your account.
  • When you are logged in to your account, you may upload data to the website in various ways. By definition this data will be stored on our web server, and in most cases it will be publicly visible.