The SSSUK Symposium 2019: A video record

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SSSUK's 2019 Annual Symposium took place on 7th September in the Brunei Lecture Theatre, at SOAS, London. Many of the presentations were about the 19th December revolution in Sudan. Here are video recordings. (Video by Moniem Ibrahim)

Welcome from the SSSUK Chairperson, Gill Lusk. [Video file]

The role of the Sudanese diaspora in UK in the 19th December revolution: reflections, challenges and the way forward.  Dr Amira Osman, Research Fellow, University College London; Sudanese Women’s Union UK and Ireland. Introduced by Charlotte Martin, Editor of Sudan Studies. [Video file]


Health Panel (Chair: Dr Rebecca Bradshaw, Archaeologist, Member of SSSUK Committee)

Health outbreaks in Sudan: social injustice that led to political changeDr Sara Ibrahim Abdelgalil, consultant paediatrician; President, Sudan Doctors' Union (SDU) UK; UK Spokesperson, Sudan Professionals' Association (SPA). [Video file]


Silence in Blue: Campaign against sexual violence used in Sudan to crack down on women’s resistanceDr Sara Beleil, consultant psychiatrist; SDU UK Academic Secretary. [Video file]


Sudan revolution art: a project by the SDU UK to promote healing after the Khartoum massacre.  Dr Nada Kamal: consultant microbiologist; Deputy Academic Secretary, SDU UK. [Video file]


The state of higher education in Sudan post-30 June 1989 (Chair: Dr Fergus Nicoll, Mahdiya historian and BBC World Service)

The state of higher education in Sudan post-30 June 1989 by Selma Elrayah (Masters in Life Long Learning, London University; worked in London public libraries for over 20 years). [Video file]


The state of higher education in Sudan post-30 June 1989 by Asim Salem, Committee, Khartoum University Alumni Association UK. [Video file]


Introduction of SSSUK's new President, the novelist Leila Aboulela. [Video file]


Sudanese women's aspirations and challenges for effective political participation by Dr Suad Musa, PhD Peace Studies, Bradford University, researcher and activist in development and gender. Chair: Mawan Muortat, South Sudan political analyst; SSSUK Deputy Chairperson. [Video file]


Politics Panel (Chaired by Gill Lusk, SSSUK Chairperson, writer on Sudan)

Challenges facing the new transitional government by Dr Rosalind Marsden. [Video file]


Sudan's future: The rationale and regulation of militias and the political process. Dr Mohamed Elansari Ali, Head of UK Chapter, National Umma Party; Head of Foreign Affairs, Sudan Call UK office. [Video file]


The Sudanese revolution: The way forwardRashid Sidahmed Elsheikh: Political Activist, Sudanese Communist Party; researcher in Cultural Policy; Poet. [Video file]


A Perspective from the diaspora by Afia Abusham, British-Sudanese actress recently returned from Sudan. [Video file]


The revolution will be televised, versified, sung, chanted, worn and painted: Art as mobilisation in the 2019 Sudanese revolution by Dr James Dickins. English teacher, Sudan, 1980-82; Professor of Arabic, Leeds University. Introduced by Dr Abdel Azim El-Hassan, Journalist, economist, SSSUK Committee. [Video file]