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Abroma to Ziziphus and Beyond

SSSUK member Mary Keenan's new book is now out: Abroma to Ziziphus and Beyond: Forests, Surveys, Rivers and Roads of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan 1899-1956.

Reports on Sudan/South Sudan Seminar Series 2015/16

The Sudan/South Sudan Seminar Series 2015/16 was run jointly by SSSUK and the Centre for African Studies (CAS) at SOAS, London. Short reports are now available on each of the seminars, dealing with topics of arms, agriculture, arts and law.

"Sudan Studies" No. 53 - Redesigned in colour

Issue 53 of Sudan Studies (February 2016) is the first in its new full-colour design . Contents include: Chris Milner on South Sudan Theatre 2015; Chris Vaughn on Colonial Governance in Darfur during the Anglo-Egyptian Condominium; Ricardo Preve on The Story of the Macallé; and Derek A. Welsby on the work of the Sudan Archaeological Research Society.



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