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Sudan Studies No. 56 is now available on this website for members who have registered for a website account. Sudan Studies No. 52 has been made freely available online after the two-year period of reserved access.


Contents of Issue 56

Philip Winter. ‘How might the outside world help South Sudan?’ pp. 3-10.

John Ashworth. ‘The Church and peace in South Sudan’. pp. 11-21.

Ronald Forrest. ‘An expatriate in the Sudan 1957-1962’. pp. 22-32.

Aru Muortat. ‘Some of South Sudan’s historical figures’. pp. 33-42.

Gillian Lusk. ‘Engagement beyond the centre: A review’. pp.43-53.

Jillian Osman. ‘Memories of Mo’. pp. 54-55.

Raphael Cormack. ‘Sudan: Emergence of Singularities: A review’. pp. 54-59.

Francis Gotto. ‘News from the Sudan Archive, Durham’. pp. 60-63.

Willow Berridge. ‘Modern Muslims: A Sudan Memoir’. Review of a book by Steve Howard. pp. 67-68.

Jack Davies. ‘Sudan Days 1926-1954, A Memoir by Richard Owen’. Review of a book by Richard Owen, edited by Duff Hart-Davis. pp. 69-70.

Jacob J. Akol. ‘Bound by conflict: Dilemmas of the two Sudans’. Review of a book by Francis Mading Deng. pp. 71-72.

Aly Verjee. ‘South Sudan: The untold story’. Review of a book by Hilde F. Johnson. pp. 73-74.

A. Aziz Hussein Alsawi. ‘The general and the frogs’. Review of a book by Mirghani Hassan. pp. 75-77.


Contents of Issue 52

Jacob Akol. The social, cultural and political significance of “summer dance” among the Rek Dinka of South Sudan’. pp. 5-14

Mohamed Babiker Ibrahim and Omer Yousif El-Tayeb. Socio-economic changes and challenges of Tuti Island after the construction of the Bridge’. pp. 15-26

Marilyn Deegan, Badreldin Elhag Musa and James Lowry. Preserving the cultural heritage of Sudan through digitisation: Developing digital Sudan’. pp. 27-37

Mustafa M. Khogali. ‘Disasters related to heavy rains in parts of Khartoum Wilaya, Sudan in 2013’. pp.38-49.

Gérard Prunier. ‘Why did South Sudan blow up in December 2013 and what is likely to happen as a result? [Part 2]. pp. 50-60

Peter Woodward. Sudan verse. pp. 61-66.

Adrian Thomas. ‘The plants of Sudan and South Sudan: An annotated checklist’. Review of a book by Iain Darbyshire, Maha Kordofani, Imadeldin Farag, Ruby Candiga and Helen Pickering. pp. 67-68.

Egbert Wesselink. ‘The new kings of crude’ and ‘The oil years in Sudan’. Reviews of books by Luke Patey and Alsir Sidahmed. pp. 69-73

Gill Lusk. ‘A poisonous thorn in our hearts: Sudan and South Sudan's bitter and incomplete divorce’. Review of a book by James Copnall. pp.74-78.

Andrew Wheeler. ‘The voice of the voiceless: The role of the Church in the Sudanese Civil War 1983-2005’. Review of a book by John Ashworth, Haruun Lual Ruun, Emmanuel LoWilla & Maura Ryan. pp.79-82.

Muortat Mawan. ‘South Sudan: A slow liberation’. Review of a book by Edward Thomas. pp. 83-84.

Matthew S. Benson. ‘The state of post-conflict reconstruction: Land, urban development and state-building in Juba, Southern Sudan’. Review of a book by Naseem Badiey. pp. 85-88.